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The Bassett Neighbourhood Forum - residents and businesses across Bassett ward have joined forces to create a community group and applied to the City Council to be recognised as the official “neighbourhood forum” that has the authority to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of Bassett (the “neighbourhood area”). Bassett is the first council ward in the country to attempt this.

The project has been undertaken by the 12 Residents’ Associations in the Bassett Ward working together. Cllr. Les Harris is chairing the Neigbourhood forum, Janet Pratley (OBRA) is the treasurer and all Residents’ Associations within the designated area are represented on the forum.

In 2013 there was a public consultation on the applications to designate Bassett Ward as a Neighbourhood Area, and to designate Bassett Neighbourhood Forum as the body responsible for developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. The responses received were analysed and  report produced and presented to Council Cabinet, recommending that the two applications be approved. This report were considered at Cabinet on 17th December 2013 and the designations approved.

The draft plan was formally published in 2014 and was the subject of a statutory 6 week consultation which ran from 28th August to October 9th 2014. OBRA organised a well attended public meeting at All Saints Church Hall, Winchester Road on Thursday 18th September 2014, where Cllr. Les Harris presented the Plan and answered questions.  A summary of the meeting is available: (Brief Summary - More Detailed Notes).

The consultation enabled the Forum to gather feedback on the Plan and to modify it, where appropriate. A further public consultation on the modified plans ran from 10th Feb to 24th March 2015, after which further comments were considered before the plan was submitted to and assessed by an independent planning inspector. The Inspector’s comments and recommendations were then incorporated into a final draft in September 2015. This was then submitted to Council and approval of the changes was obtained in November 2015. A formal referendum was held in the Ward on Thursday 25th Feb 2016. This resoundingly approved the Plan (94% in favour). The plan will be formally  be brought into legal force at the following Council meeting. At this point it becomes part of the City’s statutory development plan. Applications for planning permission must be determined in accordance with the development plan, unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Documents and Downloads

Final version of draft Bassett Plan (for referendum) incorporating Planning Inspector’s recommendations.

Decision Statement listing Tables of changes following independent examination by Planning Inspector.

Revised Residential Density map

Local Green Space Designation Maps

September 2015 version incorporating Planning Inspector’s recommendations with all changes from  the January 2015 version annotated - for archival interest and the record.

January 2015

Revised Bassett Plan - January 2015
Consultation Statement
Screening Option and Sustainability Appraisal
Basic  Conditions Statement
Anticipated Timelines
Basset Ward Map

2014 Draft Plan and Consultation

Draft Bassett Neighbourhood Development Plan (2014)
Description of the 2014 Consultation Process
2014 Consultation Response Form (consultation closed)


1. North West Bassett Residents’ Association
2. Ridgemount Area Residents’ Association

3. Holly Hill Neighbourhood Association

4. North East Bassett Residents’ Association

5. Old Bassett Residents’ Association

6. East Bassett Residents’ Association
7. Tower Gardens Residents’ Association
8. Bassett Triangle Residents’ Association
9. Underwood and Redhill Residents’ Association
10. Vermont Close Residents’ Association
11. Area A Golf Course and Sports Centre
12. Area B Bassett Crescent West area
13. Area C Hollybrook Area
14. Area D Lordswood Area
15. Area E Pine Close Area
16. Area F Bassett School Area
17. Identified development potential in Bassett Ward
18. Comment from Cantell School
19. Comments from University of Southampton
20. Comments Willis / Fleming Estates

Official Forum Documents (pdf format)

Neighbourhood Area Map
Neighbourhood Forum Constitution
Neighbourhood Area Application
Neighbourhood Area Consultation
Neighbourhood Forum Application
Neighbourhood Forum Consultation

Official referendum on the Bassett Neighbourhood Plan

Following the official referendum on Thursday 25th Feb. 2016, the result of the referendum were announced on 26th Feb. 2016.

YES VOTES 1986 - NO VOTES 128 - Spoilt papers 5

TURN OUT 21.5%

A resounding vote in favour of the Bassett Plan (94%) and of residents helping define their area. Social history was also made as Bassett is the first Ward in the entire country to have achieved this status.

A huge Thank you to  the Bassett Neighbourhood Forum and especially to Cllr. Les Harris for steering the plan through from inception to reality and to all who helped distribute publicity, door knocked or made the effort to turn out and vote.

Power to the People (of Bassett)!

The Bassett Neighbourhood Plan - Your Neighbourhood, Your Vision -  Under the Government’s Localism Bill, residents and businesses in an area can work together to write a formal planning guide for their area. This cannot prevent new development but can determine what and where such development should occur  - for example, determining where new homes and businesses could be built,  laying down design and conservation guidelines, deciding what open spaces should be protected etc.. Providing the Plan does not undermine wider City policies, it carries legal weight in  the planning process - planning policy written by  local people for local people.